10 Most Popular Participation Sports Around the World

Want to get motivated in sports? Look no further than these 10 of the world’s most beloved participation activities!

It is difficult to establish the exact number of people who play sports internationally, but studies show that some sports are played far more than others. You can even bet on some of these sports in casino games online for money and get a good win! Despite some controversy, we can give a rough guide to the most popular sports in the world.


Football is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world, and even more people take part in it. According to FIFA’s global census, there are 265 million players worldwide, as well as 5 million referees – that means 4% of all human beings on Earth play or officiate football! From grassroots level to organized leagues and casual games with friends – everyone seems to love this sport.


It may shock some to discover that badminton is one of the world’s most popular sports. Played by an approximate 220 million people around the globe, this indoor game is especially appreciated in Asia – and many of its greatest players have come from there. Though it might appear effortless at times, don’t let yourself be fooled – playing badminton requires a high level of skill and precision!

Field Hockey

Field hockey is an incredibly popular competition, played by both men and women in over 100 countries worldwide. Its technicality makes it a favorite at the Olympic Games, where 10 outfielders plus a goalkeeper battle out its distinct ruleset – different from ice hockey’s interpretation of the sport.


Volleyball has become a phenomenal success with its American roots extending to the furthest reaches of the world. It is unbelievable that 998 million people have taken up this captivating game, both indoors and outdoors! The FIVB, which is the governing body for volleyball globally, has gained immense popularity with over 220 federations registered worldwide. It’s clear that it’s become a beloved sport here on Earth!


Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant made basketball popular all over the world. Now, more than 450 million people play basketball for fun or professionally. Basketball was an American sport but now it is loved by people in a lot of different countries.


Tennis tops the list of individual sports worldwide, with an estimated 60 million people taking to the court each year. Doubles tennis enjoys a similarly devoted fan base who have helped it rank among these top 10 most popular sports, according to Topend Sports. And as more and more people become immersed in this thrilling game, these numbers continue to rise!


Cricket is one of the world’s most enjoyed sports, particularly in places such as Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK. But its reach has extended well beyond those countries – with 125 nations now claiming cricket fanatics according to ICC findings! This beloved game truly transcends boundaries!

Table Tennis

Table tennis has seen an astronomic rise in popularity over the years, to the point where now 300 million people worldwide engage in this indoor sport. Schools, social clubs and sports centres have incorporated table tennis into their activities, furthering its reach across the globe. As a result of this massive following, Topend Sports ranking placed it amongst one of most played games all around!


Since the early days of America, baseball has been the preferred sport for many people. However, its popularity is now rapidly growing in countries like Japan and beyond. In addition to baseball’s success, softball is also becoming a popular game among female athletes all around the world. According to World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), about 65 million people are playing either version of this beloved pastime with more than 140 nations taking part in it already!


Golf Today states that an astounding 60 million people around the globe actively participate in this beloved pastime. That figure includes those who play at least once a year, such as on courses or even driving ranges. So it’s safe to say that golf is one of the most popular sports worldwide!

It is clear that there are many different sports around the world which have gained immense popularity. From badminton and field hockey to volleyball, basketball, tennis, cricket, table tennis, baseball and golf – each one has its own unique set of rules and regulations that make it an exciting game for all to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to try something new or just want to get back into a sport you used to love playing as a kid – these 10 top participation sports offer something for everyone!

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